Why choose KRPS ARTS ®

Relief painting is a 3-D art from which is embossed from the real surface of painting. A mural work on plywood and mirror is a very good example of relief work, this is a form of painting which vehemently tests your patience, hard work and skills, it is a complete handwork but unlike normal paintings it requires texturing, connoting, coloring (oil base) and a final touch, a normal relief work may take 15 to 60 days depending upon the size and category of the painting.

"KRPS" stands for Kumar Ritesh Painting School. KRPS Arts® is an open freelance school headed by Mr. Ritesh Singh who is tutoring relief work for over 10+ years across India. Mr. Ritesh is a master in fine arts from Prachin Kala Kendra, Chandigarh and also holds a master degree in Sanskrit and mass-communication. His KRPS Arts® has tutored more than 300 art lovers, this distinct art form. This professional form of painting is highly appreciated by the art lovers and has also given ways to the unskilled, illiterate and unemployed a way to earn its bread and KRPS Arts has contributed its share towards the cause. KRPS Arts® every now and then organizes workshop and exhibitions across India to promote this form of art and "Grooming Minds" supports us in the move. Grooming Minds is a promoter and a partner of KRPS Arts®

About Krps Arts®

My journey to professional life started as an actor later on I got fascinated towards painting and this became a hobby. It's been almost 12+ years my hobby has yearned me fame in this fraternity. It soothes my soul and when I play with colours on the canvas or prop I feel I am painting my own world, a world full of thoughts & imagination.

My passion has been with me since childhood. I acted in many plays, theatre & short films alongside my hobby. Both my hobby and passion has given me recognition and fame.

My Venture "KRPS ARTS ®" is now a registered trademark under the "Trade Marks" registration act 1999. Section 23(2), Rule 62(1). At KRPS Arts ® you'll get certificate on successful completion of Relife painting Course.

Government has also recognised this art form and has given me accreditation from the Ministry of Textiles, Govt. Of India.

Delhi Office Address:-
Rama Market, Munirka- New Delhi- 67
Mumbai Office Address:-
D-Mart, Ghodbunder Road- Thane (W), Mumbai